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Turn Off Debuggers 1.0

Monday March 29th, 2010 at 10:39 PM

Turn Off Debuggers Sometimes Windows and Internet Explorer error debuggers are noisy and doesn’t help. If you are not a software developer you can disable them so your application will close faster if it hangs.

On Internet Explorer you can also disable JavaScript debuggers and third part (called JIT – Just in Time) that can make your internet browsing impossible.

Use Turn Off Debuggers to disable all these debuggers easily!

On Windows it can:

  • Disable error notification
  • Disable Windows default debugger (drwtsn32.exe)

On Internet Explorer:

  • Disable default debuggers
  • Disable JIT – Just in Time Debugger

All these settings can be enabled and disable in any time and doesn’t require installation.


  • Administrator or advances privileges in the system
  • Windows XP (don’t have effect on Windows Vista or 7)

Note: english interface only.

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