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Free space in your Mac HD

Sunday April 12th, 2009 at 12:25 AM

You use computers and know that their HD seems to have free space only in the first day use. Months after normal use you collect pictures, musics, videos, documents and everything that must be stored. The system save some files in HD to keep working correctly, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll need them. If you are using Mac OS Panther, Tiger or Leopard we’ll show you an interesting software called Monolingual.

This software doesn’t work like other Windows HD cleaners that search temporary files (well, Mac OS do this by itself. This is the “Recovered files” folder that you see in your trash ;-) ¬† ).

Monolingual will search for language files, keyboard layout and previous version hardware compatibility files to erase it. Mac OS and a lot of software store all languages and are compiled for older CPUs (like PowerPC) and new ones (like Intel). In ours tests, more than 5GB was free.

The software is easy to use, but keep in mind that the only way to recover the deleted files is to reinstall Mac OS with original setup disc.

1 – Check all unused language to delete them. As written is documentation, if a language depends of another one (example: if you choose to delete English and keep “English United States”, the software will keep both). If you don’t use English language, it’s recommended keep this one for compatibility issues. Click Remove when finish.

Monolingual Languages

Monolingual - Languages

2 – Check all keyboard layout you don’t use. It’s recommended too to keep the default language (English). Click Remove.

Monolingual - Keyboard

Monolingual - Keyboards

3 – Check all compiled version for another hardware you’d like to remove and click Remove.

Monolingual - Remove

Monolingual - Harware

After click Remove buton Monolingual will search HD for Application, drivers, help files and everything in another language, keyboard and compilations that you don’t need. Remember to check only what you really don’t need beacause you’ll need to reinstall Mac OS if you need a language again.

Keep and eye open also for Keychen alerts. Since the application signature will change, you’ll need to give permission to them again.

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