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Speed up your iPhone 3G using iOS 4.1

Sunday September 26th, 2010 at 12:29 PM

Apple has updated their iPhone hardware and has been adding features to iOS that make complete use of phone’s hardware. The iOS 4.0 release added many features to iPhone and iPod Touch operating system such as folders, wallpaper, multi-task … If you remember that in order to have new features in a mobile phone a few years ago you had to buy a new device, each update of the iPhone is as if we have a new one.

But for those who had the previous model, the iPhone 3G (without the S) upgrade to iOS 4 was like having an old and slow computer. It seems that Apple not used their phone for 10 minutes to see that send an SMS or in some cases even answer a call was something so slow that it was very annoying. Thanks to the big complaints in discussion board, they promised to fix this problem and they really did it.

The 4.1 version can be downloaded right now from iTunes and it greatly increases device’s speed. Watch the video below that shows a comparison between two iPhones, one with version 4.0 and another with 4.1:

For those who have jailbroken iPhone, you should upgrade to iOS via iTunes and then use redsn0w to apply the jailbreak (carrier unlock still not available for this firmware version). You can download the redsn0w 0.9.6b1 right from Dev-Team site. RedSn0w even allow enable functions disabled on iPhone 3G: wallpaper, numerical battery display and multitasking.

Just to compare iOS 4.1 speed: it can be 44% faster than iOS 4.0 but it’s 12% slower than 3.1.2. You can check performance graphics conducted by AnandTech staff.


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  1. Marisa says:

    Excelente esse seu post com essa comparação! Às vezes a gente nem tem noção dessas coisas. Se acomoda com o celular que tem ou então troca por outro…

  2. Adele Rio says:

    Realmente você tem toda a razão. Eu tenho meu iPhone à bem pouquinho tempo e anda a ver todas as funcionalidades e tudo o que posso fazer, mas posso dizer que é ótimo.