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Welcome to new rodflash.com

Friday March 6th, 2009 at 02:02 AM

Logo 2.0

Some years after the launch of the first version of the site it’s a pleasure to present the rodflash 2.0. Not only the layout has changed, as promised in our last anniversary there are more news:


Now we speak english! And we are not using some kind of automatic translation (if there’s something wrong, please comment or contact us). You can directly access typing the address www.rodflash.com/en or changing the language using the flags in the top of the page. Some content will be generated only for english version, but the old content (written in Brazilian Portuguese) will not be available immediately.


The world of technology is not only theory and it’s not monotonous. The entertainment is around us and it can be relevant. We will talk about movies and music in a different way, without critics tone and all will be tested individually.


The software area in our site is more focused and organized and will be a little more active. Discussion groups were created to help you in our software. There are some other softwares in development that will be available soon. Stay tuned!

A área de software do site está mais dedicada e organizada e será um pouco mais ativa. Foram criados fórums de discussão para ajuda nos softwares criados e existem alguns outros em desenvolvimento que serão disponibilizados em breve. Fique ligado!


You may not notice right now, but the site is more dynamic. The content will be updated more frequently and it’s all connected.

Fique de olho, porque ainda tem algumas novidades por vir. Esperamos que você aproveite o site e sinta-se a vontade em fazer seus comentários aí em baixo.

There still more to come. We hope you enjoy the site and fell free to post your comments bellow.

Found something wrong? Please contact us!

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