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Counter Strike Source available for Mac natively

Friday June 25th, 2010 at 09:00 PM

When Valve announced that your game distribution system was available for Mac we should just sit and wait to see Counter Strike:Source (CS:S or CS:Source) available for the platform. The game is probably Valves’s most popular title and even if it’s old it’s still played all over the world.

One of the PC user’s arguments is that Mac have not available games. But since Mac gets Intel and NVidia video cards, Valve seems to consider Mac users as game consumers.

We’ve explained here that was possible to play Windows version on a Mac, but this is no more needed. Those who already bought the game just need download Steam and download the Mac version.

Valve may release more titles than those already available making Steam really multi-platform and there are rumors that they’re making a Linux version too. Seems that Windows game hegemony is ending.


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